TechniChords LLC

Solutions & Support

IT is meant to simplify your business processes.

TechniChords provides optimal, cost-effective IT solutions. We have expert teams and infrastructure designed to understand and support your business needs for building and maintaining your IT systems. Skilled in a wide variety of business domains and technology streams, TechniChords can help your businesses run seamlessly using IT.

TechniChords LLC

Professional Staffing

Finding the right people is the key to an efficient business.

TechniChords is expert at understanding your staffing needs and the skill sets needed for building and managing a wide variety of IT systems accross businesses. Our talent acquisition and human resource management team is passionate in finding and grooming the right talent for your business needs. We care for people and support their continuous career growth.

Process Management

The process helps you succeed... everytime!

TechniChords helps businesses build new processes and helps optimize legacy processes. Our process experts can analyze and improve your processes to help you succeed and be able to repeat your success everytime with confidence. We have a team of experts skilled at building custom processes and aligning them based on industry standards and the best practices.

Training & Consulting

Get expert help whenever required.

TechniChords is expert at professional training and consulting. We provide training to corporates and individuals in various disciplines and domains which include Software Engineering, IT and people Management, Process Management, Agile Methodologies etc. We also provide consulting for knowledge and training management.


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