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Career Guidance

We are passionate in building your career.

Even if you are sure of what you want to be or not so sure about what you want to do in IT, we are there to help. We will provide career counselling and guide you to plan for a successful career. We have a team of experienced professionals who are passionate in making your career successful in the IT arena.

TechniChords LLC

Training & Support

Progress in your career.

Success comes with small steps, one at a time. We can help you build all the skills you require at any level of your career path. No matter whether you are in technical roles or leadership & managerial roles, we have experts in every field as well as the discipline to train and groom you to reach the next level of your career.

TechniChords LLC

Job Openings

We have openings in all kinds of IT jobs.

TechniChords helps professionals to find various kinds of IT jobs ranging from Technology to Leadership & Managerial roles. We currently have openings in various business domains and technologies. Please contact us to find out more about the current opportunities.

TechniChords LLC

Join Us

Pleople make us what we are.

We are glad you are interested in joining us. TechniChords is a company which believes in strengthening people's career through IT. Please email your latest resume to and we will get in touch with you. For further inquiries, please contact us.


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